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Old Town Jewels
Bronx, NY
I had lost one of four Turquoise stones on a Bear Claw cuff bracelet and got in contact with Kalil at Old Town Jewels seeking a replacement stone. I not only had the stone replaced, but had two pieces of Coral added. My bracelet is even more beautiful to me now. Excellent experience from beginning to end. Thanks Kalil, Henry and everyone at Old Town Jewels.
Old Town Jewels
Alameda, CA, USA
I had a piece fall off a bracelet I'd recently bought somewhere else. I got an estimate from Diane and Kalil with several choices of stones. After I sent my bracelet in, they helped me make my choice and confirmed the initial estimate. The work was done quickly and professionally. I'm very happy with my experience and would definitely use their repair service again.
Old Town Jewels
Atlanta Georgia
I lost a large piece of turquoise from a very special bracelet. This particular bracelet had six large pieces of gorgeous matching turquoise pieces - I was afraid Old Town Jewels wouldn't be able to match the other pieces. Not only did they match the turquoise perfectly but the fitting was outstanding. Great communication, great service, nice people - this is how a business should be run- with talent and integrity. Don't hesitate to ship your beautiful jewelry to Old Town Jewels - they're the real deal. Thank you guys again for a flawless repair 🙂
Old Town Jewels
I bought a nice turquoise ring from Diane at Old Town Jewels, received it today and couldn't be happier, fits like a glove and couldn't be any prettier. This is the second time I've done business with them and they are true to their word and delivery was exact.
Thanks again Diane and tell the craftsmen their work is impeccable.
Old Town Jewels
Brooklyn, New York
Fast, friendly, professional service. A pleasure to do business with from start to finish. My bracelet looks like new!
Old Town Jewels
Brooklyn, New York
Fast, friendly, professional service. A pleasure to do business with from start to finish. My bracelet looks like new!
Old Town Jewels
Atlanta, GA
I had a prized family heirloom squash blossom necklace that needed to be restrung. It also had a piece of missing turquoise. Old Town Jewels was an answer to prayer. Their work far exceeds expectations in both quality and price. In this day of poor customer service, scam artists, and unreliable merchants, Old Town Jewels is a shining star. I can't say enough about how pleased I am. Never hesitate to count on Old Town Jewels. You will not regret it. Thank you, Diane and your amazing team.
Old Town Jewels
I recently sent a very hefty Randy Secatero bracelet to Old Town jewels for resizing. The gap on the bracelet needed to be reduced by a full 10mm, and my local jeweler that I usually go to for silver work wasn't completely sure that he could do it, because of how thick the silver on the bracelet was. The wonderful team at Old Town Jewels were able complete the resizing for me in record time, and for $60 less than what my local silversmith had quoted me for even attempting it! I'll be recommending them to all of my friends and family in the future!
Old Town Jewels
Mareeba, Queensland, Australia
My lapis and turquoise inlay ring that I had owed and worn everyday for over 25 years needed to be repaired after a local jeweller here in Far North Queensland, Australia nearly destroyed it in a failed attempt to resize it. Not wanting to give up on a treasured and prized possession I scoured the internet for options. I contacted Diane at Old Town Jewels via email and included photos enquiring if my ring could be saved. I was amazed and delighted with the outcome yesterday when my ?new? ring arrived fully repaired and restored actually better than when I first bought it. Diane and her team were supportive, professional, efficient and totally accurate in their estimates of cost and time. I couldn?t be happier with my ring and would easily recommend Old Town Jewels to anyone. Thank you Diane and thank you to rest of your great team of skilled craftspeople!
Old Town Jewels
Mareeba, Queensland, Australia
My lapis and turquoise inlay ring that I had owed and worn everyday for over 25 years needed to be repaired after a local jeweller here in Far North Queensland, Australia nearly destroyed it in a failed attempt to resize it. Not wanting to give up on a treasured and prized possession I scoured the internet for options. I contacted Diane at Old Town Jewels via email and included photos enquiring if my ring could be saved. I was amazed and delighted with the outcome yesterday when my "new" ring arrived fully repaired and restored actually better than when I first bought it. Diane and her team were supportive, professional, efficient and totally accurate in their estimates of cost and time. I couldn't be happier with my ring and would easily recommend Old Town Jewels to anyone. Thank you Diane and thank you to rest of your great team of skilled craftspeople!
Old Town Jewels
Dahlonega, Georgia
I had finally made my first "big kid" post college investment in a sleeping beauty squash blossom off an EBay store. I wore it a couple times and to my dismay, it broke. I searched all over for someone to repair it, but not a soul would touch it. I came across Old Town, sent them an email, and got a quick response with an estimate! The turnaround time is great, the repair prices are affordable, and I even got my necklace revamped by having it lengthened! Diane and Kalil's communication and customer service is top notch, and they delivered fabulous results with my squash necklace. I would recommend them to anyone looking to not only get their jewelry repaired, but to those looking to purchase as well! Thank you Diane and Kalil!
Old Town Jewels
Farmington, NM USA
Thank you for the wonderful work your silversmith's did in repairing my watch cuff. They really impressed me when I got it back. Quality work like they did is hard to come by these days.
Old Town Jewels
Waubun, Minnesota
It's beautiful! My Dad's turquoise watch cuff, J.M. Begay, from 1970's. Was brought back to life after years of being put away. Diane and her talented craftsmen removed an old watch,replaced it with a Liberty coin of his birth year. What a beautiful keepsake! Thank you to all who were invested in this makeover! I will treasure it. Thank you again
Old Town Jewels
Johnston, South Carolina
Old Town Jewels has done several repairs for me, and I have always been very satisfied with the quality of their work. They also are prompt in answering emails and have very friendly customer service as well!
Old Town Jewels
Saint Louis, Missouri
I have been extremely pleased as a return customer over several years. I have purchased jewelry as well as had vintage Native American pieces repaired or revised. Their silversmiths are superb. I have had hand wrought cones made for several necklaces as well as had vintage beads restrung. The stringing has a perfect drape and the closures....some wrapped and some with a clasp are perfect. The beaded necklace I bought (turquoise) is exceptional in quality. Diane and other staff members are extremely professional and friendly. Your prized possessions are shipped quickly and safely. Prices are more than fair. I feel lucky to have them as a resource.
Old Town Jewels
Blythewood, SC
I'm glad you're not asking for stars because 5 would not be nearly enough. I have wanted a turquoise squash blossom necklace ever since I saw my first one over 30 years ago. I knew exactly what I wanted and it had to be Navajo or Lakota. During my search I came upon Old Town Jewels. There it was. The necklace of my dreams. My husband and I were celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. He told me to pick out the one I wanted and I chose the Thomas Francisco. I cut it a little close to when we were going out of town to celebrate. No problem. I spoke with Diane an angel at OTJ. I explained why I wanted to get it so quickly and she made sure I had it on the day we were leaving town. The piece was stunning online. It was breathtaking in person. I am so thrilled with it. Best anniversary ever. I can't thank Diane enough for taking the time to help me out. She even included a very sweet note. I would recommend OTJ to anyone looking for that perfect piece of custom jewelry. I hope the next time we are out west we get a chance to go to Scottsdale and thank Diane in person.
Old Town Jewels
Carmel, IN
My turquoise stone fell out of my priceless and irreplaceable (to me) ring. I search all over my city and surrounding states to find a jeweler that could provide a stone to my liking and set it in my ring. Didn't feel the few I came across could handle the assignment. Out of desperation I search the internet and came across Old Town Jewels. I read all the reviews and was impressed so I reached and had conversations with Diane and Rainee. I had to send my ring from Indiana to Arizona, this set me in a state of panic, but after coddling and reassurance that my ring would be returned to its original state and returned to me in one piece I allowed them to repair. My ring came back looking absolutely wonderful. I was soooo impressed and I recommend them for any and all repairs.
Old Town Jewels
Sunny Florida
I LOVE rings. I had two Native American rings that needed to be resized. I did some research and found that these need someone knowledgable with NA jewelry to do the work. I then found Old Town Jewels. I emailed them and I heard back from Diane and Rainee pretty quick. While emailing with them I decided to have them take the CZ out of one ring and replace with a diamond I had. They kept me informed along the way. The workmanship of their Silversmiths is amazing as well as their prices. My rings came out amazing!

While working with them I saw a Calvin Begay ring on their website I fell in love with but it couldn't be resized to what I needed. They went out of their way to find me one that would fit. Love adding this to my collection.

All in all OTJ is an amazing place
with amazing people. I'm hooked and I'm theirs for LIFE.

Thanks again Diane and Rainee for truly a wonderful experience. XOXO
Old Town Jewels
Near Detroit, MI, USA
I nearly cried when I noticed a stone chipped out of my Navajo made ring. A Google search led me to Old Town Jewels. The positive testimonies led me to send an email. I received a friendly response with a reasonable estimate the same day. I had no doubt my ring would be in good hands with Diane and Rainee. I heard from one of them every step of the way and my ring was done and back on my finger in no time. I am a forever fan!
Old Town Jewels
Tucson, AZ
Just wanted to give a shout-out to Diane and her team. My mother left me a beautiful turquoise beaded necklace that need restringing and repair. All of our correspondence was done online but I felt that Diane had spoken to me directly each and every time. I was kept up-to-date on everything and had the necklace back in less than two weeks and at a very reasonable price. Thank you OLD TOWN JEWELS!!
Old Town Jewels
The service I received from Diane was wonderful. She answered my questions thoroughly on the phone. My email followup questions were promptly answered.The bracelet arrived 2 days after it shipped out. When I received the ordered bracelet, I found the cuff amethyst and silver bracelet to look even better than the beautiful picture on the website! A very nice experience overall.
Old Town Jewels
Pontiac, IL
I inherited my father's beautiful turquoise ring, but the stone was cracked. I contacted Old Town Jewels and emailed them a picture of the ring. They had me send the ring to them and then gave me a very reasonable estimate on the repair cost. Their silversmith did an excellent job and I am proudly wearing my father's beautifully restored ring!
Old Town Jewels
Oakland CA
I have had my favorite silver and turquoise ring for 12 years. Over the years I have lost it and found it three times and it has lost 3 of its original 6 inlaid stones. I am so thankful that I found Old Town Jewels. They replaced the missing stones and shined up the silver band at a very reasonable price. The ring looks brand new. I would highly recommend these services to anyone.
Old Town Jewels
Canton, Ohio
Diane, Henry and Sam all teamed up to make a custom 'one in a million' turquoise cuff bracelet. The result was far beyond all expectations. In all phases, be it customer service, quality of craftsmanship, artistry and creativity, or pricing and timeliness, Old Town Jewels basically the hit my project out of the park. I feel very fortunate to have worked their team. Sincerely, J. Parker
Old Town Jewels
Springfield, Illinois, USA
I've sent new and vintage pieces of Native American jewelry for repair and Old Town Jewels did an exceptional job each time. The craftsmanship is excellent and Diane truly cares about the business. I'm glad they're on the Internet and make communication and shipping so effortless. Their prices are reasonable, too. I will continue to use them exclusively!
Old Town Jewels
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
My beloved old favorites are whole again! Old Town Jewels just returned six pieces of vintage Indian jewelry which I had sent them for repair. I did not think it was possible to replace the intricately carved stones which had fallen out, or to match the Zuni coral and turquoise needlepoint and petit point so perfectly! Absolutely the finest repair work I have ever seen! It is hard to believe each repaired piece was EVER missing a stone! The workmanship could not have been better, and I am totally ecstatic with the results! Congratulations on a job well done, and thanks a million for restoring my old friend!
Old Town Jewels
Maui, HI, USA
Excellent service! I sent my Grandmothers' squash blossom necklace in for repair from Maui! I was skeptical to send my precious heirloom but Diane assured me all would be fine. She was so right!
My necklace was repaired quickly, and in fact since I was going to be traveling through Phoenix, they completed my piece so I could pick it up while I was there. It was repaired perfectly!
I highly recommend Old Town Jewels for any repairs!!
Mahalo!!! To the staff!
Old Town Jewels
Metairie, LA, USA
I am highly impressed with every aspect of jewelry repair at Old Town Jewels. I had two damaged Native American rings that none of my local jewelers in south Louisiana could handle. I found Old Town Jewels on the Internet and was pleased by the whole experience, with helpful emails from the staff. I sent the rings and what a great turnaround time! Best of all, the repairs were expertly done. I highly recommend Old Town Jewels.
Old Town Jewels
I recently had a broken S/S barrel necklace restrung and polished. I hardly recognized my old necklace fixed and polished. Good for another 30 years. Great folks to work with. Thanks Diane
Old Town Jewels
Goshen Indiana
I recently sent my inlaid ring in for repair with damaged stones it was repaired as good as new and quite quickly. Very satisfied with repair and service will use again.
Old Town Jewels
Called about information regarding some vintage pieces of jewelry I owned. Diane gave me information and price ranges for my pieces and was polite, courteous and went out of her way to help. Thanks
Old Town Jewels
Carrollton, GA, USA
I have enjoyed collecting Native American jewelry for nearly 50 years and inherited my mom's collection. I'm so glad to have found Diane and the talented artists at Old Town Jewels! They have resized rings that I hadn't been able to wear for years and converted a huge Zuni ring into a lovely, and more wearable, pin/pendant. Recently, they converted some of my mom's clip earrings into pierced so I feel safer wearing them, and they did a wonderful job restringing one of my mom's old turquoise necklaces. I have a lovely old cluster bracelet that was missing several stones and had some that were loose and in danger of being lost. When the bracelet came back from its repairs, I couldn't tell which stones were the replacements! A perfect match! And all the stones are now safe and secure in their settings.

Now I'm delighted to be working with Diane and one of their talented artists on a very special custom piece.

Old Town Jewels has done an outstanding job on all these pieces, and I wouldn't hesitate sending any of my mom's jewelry to them, pieces that are, of course, very special to me. If you're looking for new jewelry or work to be done on your special vintage pieces by a staff that values quality, professionalism, and artistry, I highly recommend Old Town Jewels.
Old Town Jewels
Grand Junction, CO
I have a delicate needle point squash blossom that was missing two small stones. I found Old Town Jewels on the internet like the others, contacted them via email with pictures of my necklace. I received instructions on how to send to them for repair. The communication was excellent, the price fair and my necklace was fixed and returned in record time. Just a joy to find such honesty, integrity, and excellent workmanship.
Old Town Jewels
Costa Mesa, Ca USA
Just bought a beautiful bracelet made by Joe Quiyo and it is so beautiful I may never take it off. Thanks so much!! It is absolutely Stunning
Old Town Jewels
New York City, NY.
I have a Zuni Pin/Pendant that my mom and I picked out together in Naples, Fl 12+ years ago. I always receive compliments when I wear the pendant. It has sentimental value and very special meaning to me. I recently noticed a stone was missing and wanted to repair the pin/pendant ASAP. I did an in-depth google search and I am so thankful I found oldtownjewels.com. The repair is perfect, the cost was reasonable, and the turnaround time outstanding. I am thrilled to be wearing my special Zuni piece again. Thank you to Diane for all of your assistance. I am so surprised I received my piece before July 4th! This is so excellent. I love their personalized service! ( I am a tough customer and this was the best experience). I could not find a jeweler to repair it locally in NYC. Thank you again to Diane and Old Town Jewels! I have to visit in person. Great Jewels!
Old Town Jewels
Washington, DC
Reluctantly sent my broken squash blossom to Old Town Jewels from the East Coast. They not only fixed it but made it longer and replaced one of the turquoise stones. Diane was in close contact with me constantly and made sure it was exactly what I wanted. Needless to say, I'm overjoyed with the service and will definitely use them again in the future. Thank you!
Old Town Jewels
Overland Park, KS
Sent in a vintage necklace to be re-beaded as a few beads had broken off on one side and some had gotten stuck inside the piece above, making the necklace hang unevenly. Necklace was re-beaded with beads redistributed and now it looks great. Thanks!
Old Town Jewels
Viera, Florida
Thank you so much for repairing my bracelet with a missing turquoise . I can't even tell which stone it was. Do not hesitate to send your pieces to Old Town Jewels. They are an amazing resource for anyone who loves vintage jewelry. Thank you, Diane et al.
Old Town Jewels
Columbus, OH
I had two silver turquoise rings repaired and they did a fantastic job! I've been looking for someone to repair them for years and Old Town is the only place that would do it. Excellent customer service by Diane and reasonable pricing. Very happy!
Old Town Jewels
Tonto Basin
My squash blossom necklace fell apart when the clasp broke. I found Old Town on the internet and sent an email and Diane responded very quickly. They quoted the work which was very reasonable. Diane then let me know that the stones didn't lay flat and she gave me some options to remedy. I agreed to have them add silver loops to each stone. When I got it back I saw they did an excellent job and I am very happy. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you for fixing my necklace! Now I can wear it again. 🙂
Old Town Jewels
Temecula, Ca
Henry you made my 60th birthday a very memorable one. Both the heart pendant and custom ring to match are stunning. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Diane you were absolutely the best in helping me through this purchase. Customer service was impeccable. I will do future business with Old Town Jewels who has old time honest values.
Old Town Jewels
Pine Grove, Pennsylvania
Sent a bolo from an estate sale in need of repairs. Old Town Jewels did a excellent job on the restoration. I could not be happier.
Old Town Jewels
Sharpsburg, Maryland USA
I've been collecting Native American jewelry for most of my adult life, but since my discretionary funds are limited I mostly scour thrift shops and yard sales for treasure. I had several such pieces sitting in my jewelry box for years, waiting, it seems for Henry Yazzie to restore them to wearable condition! His work is exquisite. He repaired and re-sized a gorgeous silver and triple turquoise cab Navajo ring and converted 3 pairs of earrings from clip to post, and the turnaround time (I live in Maryland and shipped my jewelry to Scottsdale) was less than two weeks. The price for this work was extremely reasonable.
Throughout the process, from inquiry to finish, I communicated with Diane each step of the way. She even took the time to research the pieces I sent her and tell me what she learned from the hallmarks and the styles of work. I am delighted to have found both a master Navajo silversmith and someone who really appreciates and understands the artistry of Native American jewelry. I couldn't be happier with the workmanship and service, and I feel like I've made some new friends. Thank you, Diane and Henry!
Old Town Jewels
Granviille, Ohio, USA
I have a Squash Blossom that belonged to my late mother. The string had broken and half the clasp was gone. I was very hesitant to send the piece away, however, there is nowhere in Ohio to have such a piece repaired correctly. I did some internet research and happened upon Old Town Jewels. Diane responded promptly and professionally. The work is excellent and was done very quickly. I could not be happier. Thank you Old Town Jewels!
Old Town Jewels
Michigan City, IN
First of all let me tell you Old Town Jewels is the BEST in the business!!!!! I love the most beautiful work the silversmiths do!!!!! My husband and I have been going to Arizona for the past 6 years and always stop in there first. I love Denise!!!!!!! She is the most wonderful sales person I have ever met! She always greets us like family and now we consider her our family. The shop is so clean and together. The silversmiths are the very BEST in the business, and you can always get what you ask for. Sam and Henry have done my custom rings and I've been more than satisfied. If there is something you want customize one of a kind they are the ones to go to. I will never go anywhere else to have work done cause they are perfection! I had many pendants turned into rings and when I show them off OMG is the first words I hear. I love them!!!!! You will not be disappointed...ever! I can't wait to have more pendants turned into rings. It's an addiction! The pricing is so reasonable for the beautiful work they do....well worth for what you get in return. I highly recommend them!!! Mary Heyn P.S. rating should be 10 plus!
Old Town Jewels
Omaha, NE
Henry Yazzie is AWESOME!! He has replaced a stone on one ring for me, sized down three rings that my local shops wouldn't touch, and created a BEAUTIFUL bracelet from a pendant I had. All of the work he did was the most excellent quality. I cannot express how happy I am with what he has done for me. He is amazing. And, Diane has provided the ultimate in customer service. She is always more than willing to help or provide suggestions or information. She is an excellent communicator. I hope to get to Scottsdale someday to meet Henry and Diane. I could not be happier. Hope to do more business in the future!
Old Town Jewels
Lake Norden, SD
I had a silver ring with abalone inlay all around and had two places where it had lost a piece of the inlay. I found Old Town Jewels on the Internet and sent them an email with photos. They were very quick to get back with an estimate. I then sent them the ring to get repaired. I could not be happier with how the repair on the ring turned out. Diane was always quick to respond to any email I sent and they repaired the ring very quickly and were very reasonably priced. They did an excellent job and I would highly recommend them anyone.
Old Town Jewels
Nottingham, New Hampshire
I have a sterling silver and turquoise cuff bracelet with a large turquoise center stone that cracked and chipped near and right across the middle of it - I was heartbroken as it is an heirloom piece from my great-grandmother dating back to the 1930s?I found OTJ online - I contacted Diane and started a dialog to get the stone repaired?OH MY GOSH - I am so grateful for finding OTJ - Diane and her expert team repaired the stone to near perfection. You can not tell that I had such a terrible mishap - Don't think twice about placing your precious pieces in the hands of this fine group of people - they did an amazing job on my bracelet. Workmanship, price, turn around time, & communication - all top notch - I wish I could show everyone the before and after photographs I took...Thanks Diane and OTJ Team - I am so very grateful for finding you - c
Old Town Jewels
Waterbury, CT USA
I had two pieces of Zuni turquoise jewelry that needed stones replaced. I went on-line and found Old Town Jewels. I communicated with Diane, she was professional and quick to answer my request. The jewelry was expertly repaired and returned within a week.
Three words come to mind, professional, integrity and honest. I highly reccomend this shop.
Old Town Jewels
ithaca, NY
My wife bought a ring here a year or two ago. We live in New York. She lost a stone from the ring. I contacted Diane who was very helpful in repairing the stone and returning the ring promptly. It's good to know you don't have to be local to get such good service.
Old Town Jewels
Taylorsville, NC USA
Diane Radeke has been a wonderful resource. She worked tirelessly with me to search for the perfect pendant and earrings! I wanted to comment how helpful she was during the entire process. She is a very dedicated employee who cares about her customers!
Old Town Jewels
Scottsdale, AZ
I am local so know that there are many similar shops in the area. However, based on their honesty, knowledge, quality and selection of jewelry, and the world-class expertise of their on-site silversmiths, Old Town is by far the best place to go for native American jewelry. It's not even a close call.
Old Town Jewels
Fountain Hills, AZ
Our cat knocked over one of our antique lamps. The stained glass shade in the shape of a tulip has two of its petals broken off. We searched for two years to find someone who was willing and able to fix it for us. I spoke to Kelly at Old Town Jewels and he put one of his artists to the task. They exceeded our expectations and it looks better then ever! Thanks Old Town Jewels!
Old Town Jewels
Bellingham, WA
I sent two rings for repair, one multi stone inlay ring that 2 stones had fallen out and 1 was lost. The other was a petit point turquoise that 2 stones had fallen out and both were lost. I took the turquoise to a local jeweler who made a mess and put plastic stones in it. I sent both to Old Town and couldn't be happier with their work. You can't tell at all that stones were replaced. They matched them perfectly. The price was very fair and I feel I've made some new friends although many miles away. I highly recommend them.
Old Town Jewels
Scottsdale, AZ
I had a turquoise ring made and Henry Yazzi did an excellent job. Ako was most helpful and I'm really pleased with their work. I'll be back.
Old Town Jewels
Boston, MA
In the 1940s, my grandmother purchased a turquoise ring during a trip to decide whether to marry my grandfather. When I was a teenager, she gave the ring to me and I wore it until I lost one of the stones. Local jewelers didn't have the expertise or materials to fix it, and I'd just about given up hope when I found Old Town Jewels.

I was nervous about shipping my ring thousands of miles, but Diane put me at ease. In just two weeks, Old Town Jewels replaced the missing stone (with a fantastic match!), re-secured the original stones, replaced a missing silver ball, re-soldered the band, and shipped the ring back to me. The ring looks amazing and I'm so happy to wear it again.

Diane's customer service was excellent; the skill and workmanship of the jewelers was top-notch; and the cost of the repair was very affordable. Old Town Jewels took great care of me and my jewelry.

Thanks again for fixing this family heirloom. Somewhere, I know my grandmother is smiling!
Old Town Jewels
San Jose, CA
Diane took care of my request to replace a missing stone from my beautiful ring. Old Town Jewels did a wonderful job!! I really want to thank Diane for the excellent service and for the superb job!! I am a very happy customer and will be back to purchase from Old Town Jewels again.
Old Town Jewels
Excellent customer service. I needed a replacement watch face for a watch I purchased at Jewels of the West on vacation in 2009. I emailed Diane and had the replacement in a couple of days. It was exactly what I needed.

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