Jewelry Q&A: Pendant Bail

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Have you ever wondered what to call that thing that keeps your pendant on its chain?  Well Old Town Jewels is here to bring you into the loop about this little loop! This small but important attachment is called a bail, and there are a quite a number of interesting varieties!

Bails can range from shiny to antiqued and plain to beautifully decorated, with just about everything in between.

Navajo sterling and turquoise pendant     Old Town Jewels    Truquoise and sterling silver pendants

Plain bails may sound boring, and sometimes they are!  A well designed bail should match in style and size to the pendant, plus be an appropriate size for your favorite chain or beads.  What if your pendant suffers from the bane of an undecorated bail?  Our Silversmiths can make a new one to set off your pendant perfectly.

Navajo Ladies' Necklace   Old Town Jewels         Old Town Jewels silver and turquoise pendant


We can match a bail to the design of the silver work on your pendant, or a stone can be set to create a uniquely decorated bail that’s compatible with any style.  If neither of these suits your fancy, we have several other kinds of bails to choose from.  A special variety of bail is known as a Shepherd’s Hook, and is made to slip between Sterling beads or chunky turquoise nuggets.

Old Town Jewels Sam Gray horse pin  Sam Gray Old Town Jewels

If it’s a simple look you’re going for, the “Rabbit Ear” wire bail might be just the ticket. This small and lean piece of Sterling connects to the chain while keeping all the focus on the pendant. A final example would be the converter bail, which slides over the pin on the back of jewelry and turns your exceptional pins into extraordinary pendants. These bails will match the beauty of your pieces and will give a whole new look to your Native American jewelry collection.

Contact us if you have any questions about altering your pendant bails to be a better fit for you!

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