Gemstone Profiles: Malachite

Native American jewelry inMalachite

Have you ever wanted spring green jewelry for your accessory style? Malachite is the perfect green for any time of year! This somewhat obscure stone is as unique as its coloration, and is unlike any other green used in jewelry today. The word itself stems from the Greek word mallows, which means “leaf”.  Malachite comes in rich shades of pure green ranging from a lighter leaf shade to nearly black, with patterns arranged in stripes or circular “bullseyes”. 

Navajo Henry Yazzie Malachite Earrings   Ladies Malachite Cuff Bracelet           Navajo Artist R. L. Malachite Pendant

Throughout history, the green of this stone was said to bring luck and prosperity to its wearer, as well as personal confidence at work or play. Malachite was known as the ‘Merchant Stone’ and was thought to bring great fortune and wealth to salesmen of the day. The oldest Malachite mine rests within Mt. Sinai in Egypt and has been tended since about 4000 B.C.

Known as the gem of transformation, Malachite is thought to bring balance to all aspects of life. Used to warn of threats, it was believed to break into pieces in an effort to alert the wearer. In spite of being a danger alarm, this stone was often hung above the cribs of young children to ward off evil spirits and allow long uninterrupted sleep. In adults, the stone was believed to alleviate sleeping issues and calm the mind. So if you find yourself in need of a relaxing little gem that fits perfectly with any fashion, see what we’ve got in stock or can custom create just for you!

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