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Our various social media pages help us gauge what kinds of products our customers are most interested in seeing.  This month, the overwhelming “likes” and comments for a pair of Navajo turquoise chandelier earrings posted on our Instagram page showed us that this elegant style is in high demand!

Navajo D Ashley Chandelier Earrings

Navajo D Ashley Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are not new, being found in many fashion wardrobes, but when Native American-made of turquoise and sterling silver, the result is quite appealing.  Like the lighting fixture they are named for, chandelier earrings consist of several tiers of beautiful baubles, all connected in such a manner that they move and shimmer with the slightest turn of your head.

Zuni Leekity Turquoise Chandelier Earrings

Zuni Keith Leekity Chandelier Earrings

A benefit of chandelier earrings is that they make a big impact without being heavy.  The interconnected pieces are lighter than a single large stone, meaning you can wear these beauties to dance the night away!

Geneva Apachito Turquoise Dangles

Geneva Apachito Turquoise Dangles

We stocked up on Navajo and Zuni-made chandeliers on our recent shopping trip – check to see what’s new, and grab a pair for yourself!  If there is a style of Native American jewelry you’d like to see more of, head on over to our Instagram page and let us know!

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