Talkin’ Hallmarks: Meet Sam Gray

Navajo Zuni artist Native American Silversmith

Sampson Gray is a master Native American silversmith who has worked at Old Town Trading Co. and Jewels of the West in Scottsdale for over 20 years.  His hallmark is one of the most distinctive, featuring three different symbols to help confirm that a piece is indeed made by him. Along with his initials “SG” and a copyright stamp, Sam uses a buffalo stamp.

Navajo Ladies' Bracelet     Navajo Ladies' BraceletNavajo Ladies' Pendant

Sam is a Navajo artist that comes from the lifestyle and spirituality that is handed down from generation to generation.  He and his mother come from the Zuni Clan.  Sam’s mom taught him how to make jewelry.  While he was learning, he started using the buffalo stamp as his signature of his family’s mark.  He wants his work to have a strong sense of harmony and hold a balance between contemporary and traditional jewelry.  Sam is well known for his pieces with turquoise, coral, diamonds, and precious stone inlay work.  He also does elegant jewelry in 14kt gold.  His overlay storyteller, cut-outs, and details on each design are all handmade, showing his skill.  His work can be seen in the Heard Museum, as well as other museums and private collections.  Sam is very thankful that he was taught by his mom. Now that the stores have a website at “Old Town Jewels”, you can acquire one of a kind pieces created by Sam even if you’re not in Scottsdale!


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5 thoughts on “Talkin’ Hallmarks: Meet Sam Gray

  1. Suzanne Williams says:

    Please help, Need a Sam Gray Indian Women and Feather Watch. Trying to find Sam Gray. My watch was Stolen and Would Love to replace it. My husband bought it down in the valley for me. and need to find another one. Looks like the bracelet.

  2. Priscilla Coxton says:

    Sam Gray made me the most magnificent diamond,yellow gold and torquiose ring that became my wedding ring!!!

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