Gemstone Profiles: Peridot

Native American turquoise and peridot

August’s birthstone is Peridot.  This unique green gem can help you get into the fall season in style!  Ranging in color from deep olive to yellow, it’s bright as a star.  What a perfect accessory for the Valley of the Sun!

As the temperatures wind down and fall begins, August’s birthstone can keep any style cool.  Peridot has had an interesting history that dates back over 3500 years.  In 1500 B.C. the Egyptians named it the Gem of the Sun, and believed that wearing the jewel set in gold would ward off evil spirits and creatures of the night.  Mined from the island of Topazios in the Red Sea, this little stone was long assumed to be a form of Topaz.  It was also often thought to be a variation of Emerald; it has been theorized that Cleopatra’s fabled hordes of Emeralds were, in truth, Peridot.  The shrine to the three Holy Kings in Germany’s Cologne Cathedral were adorned for hundreds of years with what was believed to be Emeralds.  Recently it was discovered that they were in fact pieces of Peridot.  It wasn’t until about the 18th century that the French began calling the stone Peridot, close to the French word ‘Peritot’ or ‘unclear’.

While the history of this stylish stone may be unclear, one thing that is abundantly obvious is that this gem is definitely one to own.  Arizona is the world’s largest supplier of natural Peridot, which blends beautifully with turquoise.  A few Native American artists, such as Navajo Don Livingston, combine the two stones to create stylish masterpieces.  Check our stock and get something for yourself today!

Don Livingston Turquoise and Peridot

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