Gemstone Profiles: Pearl

Pearls at Old Town Jewels

June’s birthstone is Pearl!  Adorn yourself with a classic gem that everyone knows and loves.

Like Coral, this organically formed orb is a treasure of the sea.  It is the prize of dangerous hunts throughout the deep, being particularly revered by divers as protection against sharks.   Pearls can be so lovely you may want to cry.  In fact, the ancient Japanese believed that Pearls were the tears of mermaids and water nymphs; other cultures refer to them as teardrops of the moon.  These tiny masterpieces hold a level of mysticism few other gems can claim.

Some of the world’s greatest rulers admired Pearls above all else.  Queen Cleopatra of Egypt dissolved a pearl in wine and drank it, showing Mark Anthony her control over the wealth of her nation.  While no one in their right mind would do this today, the pearl is still a fascinating jewel that displays grace and elegance.  Although frequently associated with wealth and financial stability, the Pearl also offers personal benefits.  It is believed that the wearer will feel calm and collected as Pearls absorb negative thoughts and emotions.  Pearls symbolize purity and innocence and are often sewn into bridal gowns or worn as jewelry by the bride.

Pearls vary in color from solid white to brown or even black as night.  In Native American jewelry, a commonly used variation is Mother of Pearl, which is the coating around the shell and Pearl itself.  Most often seen in Zuni inlay work, Mother of Pearl perfectly offsets the blue Turquoise and red Coral designs.  Come explore our collection!

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