Gemstone Profiles: Emeralds

Emeralds in Navajo jewelry

Kick off the summer with a vibrant blast of color that competes with the pool for the coolest thing in the heat, green!  This month’s birthstone is Emerald.  Whether it’s your birthday gem or not, Emerald is a fascinating stone.  It has been around since the first records of precious gemstones and, even in those ancient days, Emerald has made quite a name for itself.

Throughout its history, Emerald has been a sign of great wealth; you can bet every dragon horde had a few.  In ancient Egypt, Queen Cleopatra prized Emeralds above any other jewel.  It was believed that these precious stones helped predict the future, improve memory and advance intelligence.  Medieval medicine practitioners firmly believed that amulets of Emerald would treat epilepsy in children and could treat afflictions of the eye.  These days you don’t have to be rich to own Emeralds, but wearing one will certainly make you feel like royalty.  With all the benefits of wearing Emerald, the only choice left is what shade of green goes with your style!

Native Americans are not known for working with Emerald, but Agate is often considered to be a suitable alternate birthstone for May.  Our store has some beautiful Agate pieces available.  Give us a call for more information on these beautiful Lace Agate pendants and rings in stock now!!

Ladies' Navajo jewelry

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