Gemstone Profiles: Aquamarine

Navajo Ladies' Bracelet

March’s birthstone is Aquamarine, and its bright shade of blue is perfect for springtime.  This jewel has a fascinating history centering around water.  The name is derived from the Latin words Aqua, meaning water, and Marina, meaning sea.  Aquamarine was believed to protect sailors in Ancient times.  In fact, it was thought to grant safe voyage to any waterway travelers.  Nowadays, it is believed to have a calming effect and will grant a level head to the wearer.  The majority of Aquamarine is mined in Brazil, but this shiny rock can also be found on the coast of Africa near Madagascar and farther to the north in Pakistan.  It comes in a range of shades from pale bluish green to a darker deep sea color.  The darker colored specimens are far less common, and therefore are more highly desired.  It is uncommon, however, for Native American artists to use Aquamarine in their jewelry designs.  One commonly used substitute is Blue Topaz, which you can sometimes see in Navajo made pieces.  Some are even combined with traditional turquoise to great effect!  We have several beautiful examples in our store and online.  So if you have a March birthday, or you just want a lovely piece of jewelry with a unique blue stone, see what we’ve got in stock!

Navajo Ladies' Earrings          Navajo Ladies' Earrings

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