How to Choose and Wear a Bolo Tie

The bolo tie has been the official neckwear of Arizonans since 1971, and now a few other states have followed suit.  What is this unique tie, and how is it worn?  Here’s a brief history of the bolo tie, but I admit, some of the items listed as decor for ties (Christmas tree ornaments and refrigerator magnets?) leave me shaking my head. We prefer our bolos in silver and gold with turquoise and gems, handmade by Native American silversmiths.Bolo banner7

If you are looking for your first bolo tie, or hope to give one as a special gift, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the best tie for the wearer.

If you’ve never worn a bolo tie before, and need something western for an upcoming event, you might want to stay with something small and classic, like the shadowbox bear paw or simple concho style.  Once your friends compliment you on your fine taste, you’ll be ready to move up to something a little larger.

If you want your bolo tie for more formal wear, a clean and simple design works well, but do get one large enough to not look lost with a suit jacket.  The bolo tie looks best when the center piece is about the size of a Windsor knot on a traditional necktie.  Philip Rivers of the San Diego Chargers wears a bolo when he has to go “coat and tie” as his way to not have to wear a necktie.  Even GQ magazine chimes in on how best to pull off the look with a suit – “keep it clean and understated, and let your game do the talking.”

John Travolta rocking a bolo tie in Pulp Fiction

If you know the words to every Merle Haggard song and sleep with your boots on, you’re probably going to love the bold statement that a large bolo tie with all the trimmings will offer.  Throw caution to the wind and get the biggest, boldest tie you can find, or have us turn a belt buckle into a bolo tie, but make sure you balance the size with upsized cord, tips, and the ultimate bolo accessory – ferrules.

Let us know if you have any questions about bolos, cord sizes or lengths.  We’re happy to help!

by oldtownjewels