Diane Remembers: The Hottest Day in Phoenix


Twenty four years ago today, Phoenix recorded an all-time high temperature of 122 degrees.  Our local news stations have been interviewing people to ask what they were doing on that sweltering day.  I remember that my husband and I had been camping up in a remote area on the Mogollon Rim.  The day before our heat record, a dry lightning storm triggered a fire beneath the Mogollon Rim about 10 miles northeast of Payson, Arizona and on Dude Creek. We had been blissfully enjoying the lightning storms and monsoon weather, but had no idea that a fire had started.  We fished on Tonto Creek and noticed that the fish were rising for the white ash falling from the air.  We were still unaware of the gravity and size of the growing fire!  On Tuesday, we started our drive back to Phoenix, stopping at our favorite burger joint up by Tonto Creek, the Double Dee.  I asked the waitress what was up with the fire, and she nearly burst into tears as she told us that they thought they might lose their homes.  Driving into Phoenix that evening, we heard the news of the record breaking 122 degree heat – we had gone from the fire into the frying pan that day.  Were you in Phoenix for the record heat?  Share your story with us!



by oldtownjewels

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