Men at Work

It’s more than a song about vegemite sandwiches and Australia–around here it’s a way of life! Our silversmiths are constantly working to bring their skill and raw materials into a perfect harmony that results in perfect jewelry. Below are a series of shots from our workshop, where repairs, custom orders, and new ideas come to life in sterling silver and even gold.

As always, if you see something you like, or are inspired by a particular piece, let us know!

Fine cutting a piece of coral for a custom corn necklace

Fitting a tiny piece of turquoise into a custom jewelry piece

The finished piece with coral and turquoise inlays

Steady hands and a good eye are needed to make accurate cuts with a hacksaw

Sketching concept art before jewelry creation


Fitting small pieces of turquoise for repairs

The concept become reality

by oldtownjewels

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