Blood Moon

Last night was the first of two “blood moon” eclipses that will take place this year.
Right before 11 pm the left side of the moon started to darken with the characteristic “smudge” that marks the beginning of the eclipse. Within half an hour the moon was quickly slipping into the earth’s shadow. Our photographer met up with a friend to shoot the lunar eclipse, and they headed out to one of the darker parts of Tempe for their shoot. They were setup and ready to go long before the moon was fully darkened and their cameras were snapping away for the better part of two hours.
The night ended at 4 am for these crazy guys, and they brought back a few nice images. Let us know what you think!
And keep watching the skies…the next lunar eclipse is in October! We hope to bring you more photos then!

IMG_5319-2 IMG_5358

by oldtownjewels

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