Soldering Jewelry

Jewelry is often made from sterling silver, which, like copper, can be soldered.
Soldering is the art of melting silver solder (with a low melting temperature) and flowing it between two pieces of metal to make a connection. The methods and materials used ensure that the solder melts, flows, connects, and fills while the original piece of jewelry remains intact. Flux, a mildly acidic compound, is added to the jewelry to help control the melted solder. The piece is then heated using an oxyacetylene blend, and the soldering wire is melted on to the jewelry to connect or repair the piece. It is a precise art with both technical and aesthetic factors at work. Our silversmiths have several decades of soldering experience behind their work, and their precision is impressive and important to the creation and repair of fine jewelry. Do you have a piece that needs soldered? Give us a call! We can solder a wide variety of pieces and we’ll know more once we talk to you. Contact us and let us see what we can do for you!


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One thought on “Soldering Jewelry

  1. Susan Weidling says:

    I have a small decorative piece of a “a girl on a swing”. (about 3-4 inches tall). The “ropes” of the swing need to be reattached ( soldered) to the tree branch. Please let me know if this is something you might be able to do. Thank you,, SW

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