Mill Avenue at Night

Photo by A. I. McIntire

Even on Tempe’s busiest downtown street, Mill Avenue, there is some interesting history.

Mill Avenue runs through the heart of the downtown shopping and pub district, a scene of busses, taxis, college students, tourists, locals, music, and of course the wonderful aromas of cuisine from the world over wafting down the red brick sidewalks. At night the party keeps going with live music, lights, and happy chatter on the street everyone in Tempe loves.
Mill Avenue is so named for an enormous structure at the northern end of the avenue, the Hayden Flour Mill. The flour mill ran for 127 consecutive years before being shut down in 1997, predating even the town of Tempe. Today the Mill is a popular spot for tours, and a landmark of Tempe’s history. It’s across from the old Hayden family home, which is now an excellent steakhouse called “Monti’s La Casa Vieja”, a perfect place to take a date or your favorite friends. It’s also near Tempe town lake, and a park and all the shops of Mill Avenue. Want to hear more? Head on in and chat with us! Our sales people would love to tell you about their favorite hotspots on Mill, from coffee houses, to pubs, dance clubs, and cafes.
Our photographer particularly enjoys the Mill area, where he snapped this picture below.
Feel free to download and use as a wallpaper, and come see the mild winter beauty of Tempe and Scottsdale…
it’s only fifteen minutes from our shop! See you soon!

Photo by A. I. McIntire

by oldtownjewels

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