Valentine’s Day and Spring Break Destinations in Phoenix


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and Spring Break is looming in the not too distance future. With romantic days and free time coming soon, there’s a myriad of ways to take advantage of the time and find destinations in the Phoenix-Scottsdale area. Being natives to the area, we here at Old Town have a few of our favorite spots we’d love to share with you.

One of our favorite places to go is a not-so-little restaurant and pub near downtown Tempe, known as “Four Peaks Brewery”. This brewery is located in an older building with a charming brick-and-mortar feel, and a few great “industrial touches” to boot. But don’t let that fool you–the food is some of the best in Tempe, and their beer (particularly their hefeweizen) is exceptional. Whether it’s burgers, or salmon BLTs, this pub offers highly quality eats and a great atmosphere. One stop and you’ll know how they got their rating on Yelp!

For a true hole-in-the-wall vibe combined with European eats, try George’s World Famous Gyros.
This little Greek cafe features gyros, salads, and much more. The quality is wonderful–especially when you consider the low prices and the Yelp reviews. The Gyro platter is a huge amount of food for just under $9, and that’s just one of their many popular plates. While not a “black-tie establishment”, George’s is a fantastic spot to grab something fun while you tour the town.

But there’s more than just food destinations on our list! The Botanical Gardens is located off McDowell road and is close to both downtown Scottsdale and Tempe. During the winter and spring months the Botanical Garden also features hand-blown glass art from the artist known as Chihuly. In the sunlight the art is spectacular against the backdrop of the botanical gardens, and at night the glass art lights up in a bright and colorful glow. Our tip for you? Go in the later afternoon, and plan on hanging out until the sun goes down…see the best of the art in the garden with the lovely greenery, and stay to see the illuminated glass at night! This is a great walk-thru for a relaxed afternoon with your favorite person!

Additionally, Papago Park and the Phoenix Zoo are just down the street from the Botanical gardens, and are also a great place to spend an afternoon. Papago Park is a nice spot to hike the red rock formations, feed the ducks, and take a walk–all for free! The Phoenix Zoo is next door to Papago, and features elephants, giraffes, lions, cheetahs and other exotic animals. If you have kids, add the zoo to your must-do list!

But, for the ultimate black-tie dining experience our number one recommendation is for Mastro’s City Hall restaurant. With an excellent bar, and a menu that features carpaccio, double-cut porterhouse steaks, and ahi sashimi, put this at the top of your list for a mind blowing evening out with your special someone.

Want to hear more recommendations from our staff? Stop by and see us!
We’re in Old Town Scottsdale off 1st Ave and Brown, and we’d love to meet you. And of course, for Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions, whether you need a gift or something to wear come check out our selection of fine stones and precious metals wrought into the finest jewelry.

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