It’s Visiting Weather!

It’s no secret that our Arizona summers are the envy of no one–save for perhaps a few camels or zebras in the Sahara!
However, our fall, winter, and spring seasons are truly lovely. With the temperatures around the nation averaging in the sub-freezing category, maybe it’s time to venture south and come visit us? Our mid-60s January days are perfect for a trip to Old Town Scottsdale to see us, or for a quick jaunt over to Mill Avenue in Tempe to eat at the fabulous new Steak and Shake burger joint. Or, if you prefer a picnic, Papago Park is a great place to go eat lunch, hike the rock formations, and feed the ducks at the lake. The parking is free, and it’s only 15 minutes from our store here in Scottsdale, making Papago a truly great spot for a nice afternoon trip. Each of our staff has a favorite eating place and jewelry piece to tell you about, so stop in and see us anytime! We’d love to be a part of your next vacation south.

The view from the Governor's memorial in Papago Park, near Scottsdale AZ

The view from the Governor’s memorial in Papago Park, near Scottsdale AZ

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