Wear Your Coin Collection!

Do you love old coins, but hate to see them sitting in a drawer?  I know I do.  Coins are fun to wear as jewelry, but commercial coin bezels are so ho-hum.  Did you know that we can turn your coin into a unique piece of Native American jewelry?  A lot of our customers have requested bolo ties, but we’ve made pendants, money clips (now that’s clever!) and bracelets.  The coins are set firmly in separate bezels, so there is no damage to the coin itself.  Take a look at these great pieces made right here in our shop by master silversmith Henry Yazzie!  Check out our website at OldTownJewels.com or contact us for more information at info@oldtownjewels.com about how we can make something for you!

Silver dollar bolo tie with buffalo nickle tips by Navajo Henry Yazzie

Liberty Head Dollar with Buffalo Nickle tips

Liberty silver dollar with turquoise cluster handmade by Navajo Henry Yazzie (2)

Liberty Head Dollar surrounded by turquoise

Liberty dollar pendant on handmade chain by Navajo Henry Yazzie (2)

Liberty Head Dollar with a stamped bezel and handmade chain

Indian Head Nickle bracelet with turquoise handmade by Navajo Henry Yazzie (2)

Indian Head Nickle in a turquoise and coral bracelet

by oldtownjewels