Crafting Replacement Pieces

The law of the dryer black-hole says that you will lose a sock every so often, leaving a mismatched pair that will forever grace your sock drawer, right? Unfortunately this same law applies to earrings too it seems. A mismatched sock pair is fairly cheap and simple to replace, but replacing an earring, especially a custom earring can be next to impossible. Unless of course you talk to the silversmiths here at Old Town Jewels! Henry Yazzie has a gift for jewelry craftsmanship, and an eye for detail, and this extends to his replacement work as well. Take for example these two sets of earrings. The owner had lost one out of each pair, and Henry expertly crafted a matching replacement. Now comes the tricky part! Can you tell which one is which in these photos? Which one is the replacement earring, and which is the original?
Scroll to the bottom for the answer!

Henry Yazzie Replacement Earring

Turquoise earring set with replacement piece by Henry Yazzie

Which turquoise earring is the original, and which is the replacement by Henry Yazzie?

The second set with replacement by Henry Yazzie, Silversmith and Old Town Jewels

Answer: The one on the left is the original in each picture.

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