Award-Winning Silver Sculpture by Alvin Vandever

Alvin Vandever has a serious eye for detail–which is why we try to get ahold of his pieces whenever we can.
Recently we were fortunate enough to have this piece with us before it goes on to its new home.
This sculpture won Best in Category, Best in Class and First place at the Gallup 2013 Inter-Tribal Indian Ceremony.
This piece is the first of its kind from Vandever, though he recently spoke with us and said he planned on doing
similar pieces in the future. The details, concept, and execution make this piece one of a kind.

IMG_1757-Retouched IMG_1766-Retouched IMG_1764-Retouched IMG_1760-Retouched IMG_1773-Retouched IMG_1788-Retouched

Sculpture with Awards IMG_2281-2 IMG_2283-2

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4 thoughts on “Award-Winning Silver Sculpture by Alvin Vandever

  1. William Turck says:

    I own two rings and a beautiful watchband/bracelet that Mr. Vandever made for me back around 1982 or so. I still have them and love the silver, gold and Turquoise combined with a blue faced watch, it’s perfect.

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  3. Stan Scott says:

    I liked it so much – I have ordered one – same but different – what ever the artist feels in his heart.

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